About Wardle Community Brass Band

About The Band

Wardle Community Brass Band was formed in 1997

The 1st concert took place on 21st November 1997. Peter Bamber was the driving force behind the project. There were lots of parents that wanted to be able to learn an instrument just like their child(ren) who were receiving lessons from Wardle Academy.

  • The band has struggled in recent months following the pandemic but since April of this year the band has worked hard on recruiting new players growing from 12 to 43 members.
  • Unfortunately William Anderson (founder head of Wardle Academy) had already passed (1996) just missing out on seeing his banding empire grown even further. I’m sure he would have been very proud.
  • Over the decades the band has been lead by Gwen Smith, Tom Hobson, Alan Rigg, Nick Jackson & currently Jane Conway. There are still 4 playing members in the band that started in 1996.


  • The band practice every Monday and Wednesday evening at Wardle Academy: pandemics and concrete permitting.
  • If you interested in joining, or helping out the Wardle Band Association please contact us:
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Peter Bamber
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